April 25, 2016

Good Things // 1

After reading Alycia's good things every week, I decided to join her and share something good that happened each day of the past week. I think it's easy to get caught up in downer moments and dwell on what could have been instead of being thankful for the good things that did happen.

Monday: Sealed the deal on our new townhome in Charleston
Tuesday: Took a nap when I got home
Wednesday: Got a refund for a horrible taxi ride from the airport that I complained about (something I never do)
Thursday: Went out to dinner at TooJay's with my friend Steph
Friday: Found out we scored tours of the Capitol and FBI from our congressman for our DC vacation
Saturday: Spent the day out shopping and getting pedicures with my mama, then had game night with my best friends
Sunday: Watched Star Trek and ate pizza

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