April 26, 2016

My Favorite Instagrammers

Instagram is my social media outlet of choice by leaps and bounds. I deleted my Facebook account months ago and have no regrets. I maybe missed it once or twice when friends were posting about events, but guess what? They sent me text invitations instead! Because that's how real friendships work. Being friends with people on Facebook that I wasn't actually friends with seemed silly. If you're friends with people just to hate-follow them, I'm sure you could find better things to do with your time, right?

Jump on Instagram and look at all the happy, beautiful photos instead! These 8 accounts are just a handful of the ones I follow because their photos make me smile, fangirl, or feel inspired or comforted.

A totally adorable lady posting photos from Disney, Universal, and Orlando.

If you've ever dealt with anxiety, Beth's cartoons tap into real emotions and scenarios.

6 rescue pups and foster dogs cared for by an Oregon woman with a heart of gold.

The lady behind parkboundbuttons.com - her IG is full of Disney and cuteness.

Another dog-rescuing wonder woman. Dana lives in Fargo with two pups, two cats, and a revolving door of foster dogs.

Cats, Disney, and crafts - what more do you need? Jen and her husband are the masterminds behind the blogs Epbot and Cake Wrecks.

This St. Pete couple have some serious photography skills. I'm always amazed at their talent. Max is a wonderful watercolor artist, too.

My favorite purple-haired bookstagramer. Beautiful photos of books speak to my soul.

In summation: I really like photos of Disney, dogs, cats, Florida, and cute shit. Typical.

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