May 20, 2016

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I've seen this list on a few other blogs and thought I'd try it out as a life snapshot. I like the idea of documenting what's going on in every day life. Sometimes it's nothing and sometimes it's everything. Right now I'm in the latter. It feels like literally everything is happening right now and it's overwhelming!

Making: sort-of progress on packing my house up. It feels never-ending.
Cooking: S has been cooking this week since he's got free time. I'm forever grateful!
Drinking: Diet Pepsi
Reading: Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor
Wanting: to find a job in Charleston soon.
Looking: on Airbnb for a quick overnight trip to Charleston next week.
Playing: Two Dots. I'm addicted to it, but cannot get past the level I'm currently on.
Deciding: what to do with half of my belongings. I'm purging in a major way and am trashing, donating, giving to friends, or selling a lot of things.
Wishing: flights to Charleston were cheaper. It seems like everything is quite expensive there!
Enjoying: wearing my hair naturally. I used to straighten it every day and boy was it damaging. I'm using aragon oil to help with the dryness and wearing my hair wavy now.
Waiting: for the weekend - I have lots of fun things and more packing time planned.
Wondering: if I'll make friends with the other significant others at S's new program. They have a significant others auxiliary I'm signing up for so I can meet people.
Loving: the new Crocs sandals I bought on ThredUp a month ago. They are so comfortable and really cute.
Watching: All of my shows' season finales. I'm ready for summer shows like Wayward Pines to come back on though.
Hoping: I get good fares tonight when I sign on to Uber.
Needing: a new laptop. Mine is ancient and only really capable of internet-use anymore.
Smelling: Maple and brown sugar oatmeal. I had some for breakfast and the scent is lingering.
Wearing: a black top with a black and white striped skirt and sandals.
Thinking: about how great it will be to live in a nice, new home. Central air, a washer and dryer inside, a big backyard and screened porch, a guest room...I'm literally daydreaming about it.
Admiring: all the DIYs on Pinterest. I want to try more, but often feel lazy about making things.
Getting: anxious about everything that is going on right now. Too much to do!
Disliking: all the rain we've been having. My backyard turns into a mud pit any time it rains. It will be nice to live in a new house with actual grass in the yard soon.
Feeling: super, super proud of S. He graduates today and I'm so happy for him. He's ready to start his medical career.

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