May 09, 2016

Good Things // 2 & 3

This weekly list is a two-fer since I was on vacation last Monday.

It was a pretty light week in terms of having things to talk about. We were mostly busy getting ready for vacation, so there was lots of grocery shopping (for my brother - see Monday!), laundry washing, and cleaning.

Monday: My brother came over for a house + pet stuff crash course because he's house/pet sitting for us while we're on vacation.
Tuesday: S made fish & chips for dinner - one of my faves.
Wednesday: Saved $10 at Target with coupons + Cartwheel app. I am NOT a couponer, so this was a feat for me.
Thursday: Got an awesome ThredUp box in the mail - two shirts, shorts, a dress skirt, and a pair of shoes that all fit perfectly.
Friday: Last day before vacation. I'm weird and actually enjoy packing.
Saturday: We visited the National Zoo and got to see a cheetah chase a bird.
Sunday: Had amazing white pizza from We the Pizza.


We wrapped up a great getaway and we happy to return home full of stories and fun memories.

Monday: I checked a bucket list item off and visited the FBI Headquarters.
Tuesday: We saw a great production of The Wizard of Oz at the National Theatre.
Wednesday: Wrapped up our last day in DC with a visit to the National Portrait Gallery & American Art Museum.
Thursday: There is nothing better than coming home after a great vacation.
Friday: My brother graduated from college tonight! I was a proud sister watching him walk across the stage.
Saturday: Had a relaxing day and slept in, caught up on my Hulu queue, and chilled on the couch with my pup.
Sunday: My mom has had the flu, so I stayed home and wrote a series of posts about our DC vacation.

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