May 23, 2016

Good Things // 4

Got more packing (ugh, the worst) done on Monday.
Started Uber driving for some extra cash on Tuesday.
Had dinner with friends at a great Greek place on Wednesday.
S made us breakfast for dinner on Thursday.
Watched by boyfriend graduate and officially become a doctor (so proud!) on Friday.
Went to the beach with my parents, then had tacos & game night with my best friends on Saturday.
Celebrated by dad's birthday at Cheesecake Factory on Sunday.

My weeks are becoming more and more busy as our move date barrels towards us. I've packed a pretty decent tower of boxes, but it doesn't even look like I've made a dent in the house. There's also so much I can't even bother packing until we get closer to the actual date (June 3). I'm guessing I'll be spending my Memorial Day packing at this point.

I'm doing my best to spend time with my family and friends before we leave, too. I scheduled hang out times with friends and hang out with my parents on the weekends. It sucks knowing that the dinners I have with friends will be my last ones in Orlando. Luckily there's FaceTime and plenty of people have already expressed interest in coming to visit us.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to something new. I'm one of those weirdos who likes change and I think Charleston will be a fun place for us to live for the next four years. Who knows where we'll go after S is done with his residency! I've spent the greater majority of my life in Florida, so it's time for a new adventure. :)

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