May 25, 2016

STK Steakhouse at Disney Springs

I was invited to attend the last night of the friends & family opening of STK Steakhouse at Disney Springs. STK used the friends & family period to test their restaurant, service, food, and drinks before opening to the public. My best friend's husband works at Disney Springs and S and I jumped at the opportunity to join them for a special dinner.

STK is a high-end, modern steakhouse with a lively atmosphere and a delicious menu. The Disney Springs location has rooftop and outdoor dining areas and two bars. A dinner at STK Steakhouse will generally run about $60 per person, which puts it in the "super special occasions" category for me. Being that it's in a tourist destination though, I can see visitors dining here as a special experience.

When you arrive, the hostess takes your mobile number and when your table is ready you get a notification on your phone. There are stores and attractions around the restaurant, so it's a nice perk if you want to look around while you wait. We waited a fairly frustrating hour and a half after our reservation time before finally being seated. I hope this was simply because it was during their testing period, but, test period or not, an hour and a half is a long time to wait. There were no benches in the lobby and the upstairs bar we invited to visit had no seating left.

That said, the drinks we ordered were delicious. I ordered the ginger mojito and thought the splash of ginger ale added a great bubbly taste. The cocktail menu was diverse and our group also ordered a smooth cucumber drink, as well as a jalapeƱo drink that had quite the kick to it!

When we were finally seated our waiter went over the menu with us and brought out fresh pull-apart bread. It was drizzled with bleu cheese butter and came with a dish of olive oil. I ordered scallops for my appetizer. We also ordered tuna tartar and rock shrimp. The scallops were cook perfectly! I was so pleased because they can be very hard to cook and often end up rubbery. The rock shrimp were also good and came on a spread of slightly spicy sauce. The tuna tartar was stacked on a bed of avocado, which balanced out the salty taste of the fish.

STK's atmosphere is very contemporary. It's decorated with white leather chairs, glossy wood tables, tall arrangements of flowers, cool light fixtures, a waved ceiling, and notes of purple throughout. The restaurant also has their own DJ. His mixing and song selection were great and lots of fun, but the music was so loud you could barely hear the person sitting next to you! I hope they'll adjust the sound level for their grand opening.

For my main dish I got a bone-in filet done medium well and shared parmesan truffle fries with S. The steak was cooked just right and the fries were melt-in-your-mouth good. Our table also ordered lamb, sirloin steak, braised short ribs, and a side of macaroni and cheese. Everything was presented beautifully and the flavors were great. We all enjoyed our meals and had a lot of fun!

Images: top is concept art from Disney Springs, all other photos by Candace Gardner.

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