May 07, 2016

Weekly Links // 2

I love Emma's new kitchen. I've always been a fan of white cabinets and I really like the wallpaper she used in the bar area.

I watched this time-lapse of the Northern Lights a dozen times. I will see it with my own eyes one day!

Have you ever traveled alone? I flew to Chicago for vacation by myself once, but stayed with a friend. I did do some touristy things solo while she worked, so I was semi-alone pretty often.

Lisa Congdon is one of my favorite artists to follow and she recently did some amazing work for the United Nations. It's an illustration for one of the principles of the World Humanitarian Summit: Leave No One Behind.

These X-Files patches by Kate Gabrielle are too cool.

What happens if I survive the apocalypse and only have one pair of contacts? Or in my case: my glasses break? Leave it to Mental Floss to explore this head scratcher. The solution? Lasik. I feel kinda ehhhhhh about that one!

The world's newest major religion: no religion. I'm one of the "nones" myself, but have always strongly believed that everyone should have the freedom to partake in whatever religion they feel is right for them, whether they are fading away or not.

I used to be obsessed with learning all I could about Egyptian history, so this article on the female pharaoh Hatshepsut peaked my interest!

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