May 13, 2016

Weekly Links // 3

My links are a bit scarce and I never got around to editing the photos for the last of my Washington, D.C. posts because it's been an insane week. I'm really enjoying using this space again, but moving, job hunting, and spending time with my family and friends is taking top priority. We move in three weeks! Three weeks! Where did the time go?

Antiques Roadshow accidentally appraises high school art project at $50,000. This had me laughing pretty hard!
“ far as its age is concerned, I was fooled, as were some of my colleagues…Still, not bad for a high schooler in Oregon.”

Why are powerful women icons in pop culture always wearing high heels? Seriously, I'd just like to say eff heels. Flats or wedges all the way. I am becoming way to old and comfort-oriented to put up with that business anymore.

23 times feminists had the perfect comeback. It's a Buzzfeed article, but damn it's funny.

An NYC apartment inspired by Tom Ford and Halston. This speaks to me on so many levels. All that black! Yes, please.

And then, on the other hand, I really love this bright, airy, boho glam house as well!

Would you wear a gold-plated LEGO bag or jewelry? The Darth Vader cuff links are kinda cool if you like Star Wars, but On second thought, the blue heart clutch is pretty cute.

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