June 01, 2016

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Bonus fact: I'm super close with my family. We're a tight-knit gang. That's my brother next to me, and my parents.

1. I might be a native Floridian, but I am not a fan of the beach. For one, I'm so pale and fair-skinned that I almost instantly burn the moment any sun touches my skin. I have to wear SPF 50 (or higher if I can find it) and sit under an umbrella. Should I choose to cautiously venture to the water's edge, I know I can't linger more than a few minutes unless there is some serious cloud coverage. I'm apparently a legit vampire. Also, sand gets everywhere! Everywhere! In the stuff you brought with you, in the car, in the creases of your knees and elbows, in places you later find it and wonder how in the world sand got there. AND, heaven forbid you have to go to the bathroom. I wear a one piece and I hate the idea of having to go in a dank, gross stall basically naked. Too exposed! Nope nope nope.

(That all aside, my boyfriend loves the beach and since I'm a good sport, we do like to go for beach walks and spend a bit of time there looking around when we're near one.)

2. My first major in college was journalism. I thought I wanted to be a news reporter or write for a newspaper/magazine. Once I took a few journalism courses, I knew it wasn't for me. I used to be very meek and shy, but have changed within the last few years. I'm very much an extrovert now and actually think I could probably do that job quite well. Writing and design/creative jobs sometimes go hand-in-hand, but I really don't do much of it. I guess that's why I picked blogging back up - I missed writing, good at it or not!

3. I have a massive fear of falling. I used to think I was scared of heights, but then realized I actually didn't mind being up high as long as I knew I was safe. It was the thought of falling from high up that frightened me. Bungie jumping and sky diving are two adventures I do NOT wish to partake in.

4. I get incredibly sea sick on open water, especially in small boats. I don't think I've ever been on a boat smaller than a cruise ship and not ralphed until it reached land. I can handle ferries and small canal boats, but being out on a lake, big river or the ocean is not something I can handle.

5. If you know me IRL you'll know this, but I'm a jeans and tee girl through and through. I dress very simply and cannot stand to wear anything uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. My color of choice is black...about 75% of my wardrobe is black or another dark color. I also have a smallish wardrobe, which suits me just fine. Actually, the simplicity of my style choices pretty much reflects my life: I do not like things to be fussy, dramatic or over-done. I'm a totally chill person.

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