June 30, 2016

Living in the Lowcountry

I think it's been just under a month since I last blogged. Life has been full and busy, but good!

We've been in Charleston for about three weeks. Our move went really well and we love our new home. It has three bedrooms, which has turned out to be perfect. Upstairs is our master and a room we use as an office/dressing room. S has varying work hours at the hospital, so we wanted a space either of us could get ready for work without disturbing the other. His desk is also in that room and it's a nice retreat for him to get some studying done. The house also has a guest suite downstairs and we've already hosted my best friend and her husband.

I found out I got a job the day before we moved. What timing! I had a phone interview and then an in-person interview with the company. I was sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back. I was elated when I found out they wanted me for the position because it's a field I've always wanted to work in: publishing! I had two weeks off between moving and starting my job, so I've only been there for just over a week, but so far, so good. I'm excited about the possibilities and opportunities I'll have at the company and the type of work I'm going to be able to do.

S starts his residency along with all the other residents in the United States on July 1. It's going to be an adjustment to have him go back to work since he's had the last two months off. I'm excited for him and know he's anxious to get started with his career. I signed up to join the hospital's auxiliary program and am hoping I'll make some friends through it. I'm a social person and not having friends in Charleston makes me a little sad.

Two other big things happened this month: my brother got married and I turned 30. My brother's wedding was wonderful! I was a bridesmaid and am honored I got to be a part of their big day. I'm so happy for him and my new sister-in-law! I had a quiet 30th birthday. My best friends came into town and the night before we had a delicious dinner at a local seafood restaurant and then came home to have cake and play games. On my actual birthday, S took me to a barbecue joint near our house and we came home so full we could barely move! I'm very much a chill person and prefer casual to not, so local dinners and fun nights at home were perfect for this milestone birthday.

While I miss my family and friends immensely, Charleston is treating us well and we're happy to be here.

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