July 15, 2016

Charleston Eats // 1

I love, love, love food and eating out. I don't consider myself a foodie by any means though. I've never blogged about food before! But, being in Charleston may just change that. Charleston is a city where local food reigns. There are tons of restaurants here and if you go to Red Lobster over a local seafood joint, you're going to get major side-eye. And rightly so because you can't throw a rock without hitting a great place to eat in Charleston! These are a few places I've tried out since moving here.

Roadside Seafood 
(My order: calamari appetizer; crab cake, shrimp, fries, and onion rings basket)

We went on a Thursday night and had to wait 40 minutes for a table because i's a tiny restaurant that is far from fancy, but good night do they have good food. I've never tasted calamari so fresh and flavorful before. I love clam strips and wanted to try those out, but ordered a crab cake since they were out. That crab cake was one of the best things I've put in my mouth in a long time. The flavors were like the calamari's - it was super flavorful and melted on your tongue. The dining experience wasn't my favorite due to the crazy wait and the crowded nature of the restaurant, but you can call an order in to take home and I'll definitely be doing that or going at a less busy time in the future.

JB’s Smoke Shack
(My order: dinner buffet - pulled pork, ribs, green bean casserole, mac & cheese, corn nuggets, and banana pudding.)

Barbecue is king in the Carolinas. JB's has a buffet for lunch and dinner that has a large selection of bbq meat and southern sides. It's in a building that literally looks like a shack both inside and out, but once again, dang their food is delicious. The staff was constantly cleaning the buffet and brought out new food several times, which calmed my nerves about eating at a buffet - something I generally say no too. The ribs practically fell off the bone and the green bean casserole had me swooning. JB's serves up damn good southern food, hands down.

Southern Brews Coffee
(My orders: iced cafe mocha and iced caramel macchiato)

This coffee spot is right around the corner from my house, which is extremely dangerous since I love iced coffee. Their coffee is good, rich, and strong. My only qualm is that the iced coffee isn't made from cold brew - it's prepared hot and poured over ice. I'm not a coffee snob, so I really don't care, but some drinkers might.

Duke’s Barbecue
(My order: pulled pork, corn nuggets, mac & cheese, and coleslaw)

I think Duke's is a small franchise chain with one location in Charleston. They have a drive-thru (yes, barbecue drive-thru!) and you get a gigantic portion of food in a huge styrofoam container for $10. Other local barbecue is probably better, but it's good if you need something quick to take home. They have all the southern staples and I easily got two meals out of my order.

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