July 11, 2016

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Real talk: this past week has been rough for me. S started his residency and we're trying to get used to his new weird hours since he's starting out in the emergency department. There are some days where we don't see each other at all, or at least not until he gets home in the wee hours of the morning. My training at my new job has been going slowly and it's left me feeling kind of useless.

On top of that, I'm missing my tribe in Orlando. I miss my family and seeing my parents every week. I miss my best friends and having ridiculous conversations over pizza. I miss my other wonderful friends who made my life rich and were always there for me. It's time for me to start trying to make friends in Charleston, but I feel oddly intimidated by the task. Anyway, here's what's been going on in my life.

Making: a vanity. My mom let me bring home my grandma's sewing table and I'm honored to have it. I'm not a sewer, but I'm enjoying making a vanity for myself out of it. I'm on the hunt for new makeup organizers to keep everything neat and tidy. I think of my grandma every day now and spend time at a table that meant so much to her.

Reading: I'm finishing up a print copy of The 5th Wave and listening to the audiobook version of The Serpent King. There is so much I want to read this summer. It's hot as the dickens here, so I'm perfectly content to stay inside and read, read, read.

Wanting: some new furniture to finish our house with. Also, blackout curtains. Our bedroom gets lots of natural light, which is great until you're trying to sleep in.

Looking forward to: my parents visiting us in Charleston soon! I can't wait for them to see our house, take them out to eat, and show them around the city.

Wishing: it was easier to make friends as an adult. As outgoing and talkative as I am, it's intimidating to approach new people. I'm very social and not having my friends near me anymore is sort of crippling at times.

Enjoying: writing while watching Food Network's Chopped in the background. It's good background noise and every time I look up there's food on the TV. Hah!

Loving: ThredUp. I've professed my love of the online secondhand shop before, but I love it so much. I ordered a bunch of stuff with some birthday money. Not everything fits each time, but I love the selection.

Watching: I just finished Orange Is the New Black season 4. What a powerful, heartbreaking season that was. I literally cried at one point. It had me reeling and left on a major cliffhanger.

Needing: my pets to be well. Ella licked a hotspot on her leg and I'm having a time getting it healed. Oz has been having asthma attacks with all the summer pollen and natureness. Hearing him sound raspy when he breathes breaks my heart. Their illnesses give me anxiety and I hate feeling so helpless about my kiddos health.

Smelling: I bought a Waikiki Beach Coconut body mist at Bath & Body Works last week and that is my jam right now. It's a great summer scent.

Wearing: I'm all about dresses right now. It's almost too hot to wear pants.

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