July 06, 2016

Small Goals // July

Nicole at Writes Like a Girl hosts a monthly small goals linkup that I always enjoy reading, so I decided to start participating. Normally the previous month's goals go first so you can give a rundown as to how you did with meeting them, but since this is my first time joining in I'll just jump into July's goals.

1. Attend a social gathering. In the past, this would have never been on any sort of goals list for myself. I have lots of friends in Orlando and saw all of them regularly. In Charleston...I know no one. The idea of putting myself out there is a little scary, but I want to.

2. Create a cleaning schedule (and stick to it). I always use weekend days to clean and I'm over that! I need to portion out the cleaning and do a little here and there throughout the week. Hopefully this will also have the house always looking nice for any potential house guests.

3. Develop a new budget. I have a new income, new bills, some of the same bills, and new savings goals, so a new budget is in order. I'd also like to see a financial advisor, but I'm not sure if that will happen this month.

4. Organize the blog. I picked up writing where I left off and have some things I'd like to do to get the blog in order. I'd like to call out my series posts, redo my about me, revamp the design a bit, and a few other things.

5. Start putting together the guest bedroom/bathroom. Right now our guest room is a bed. Yep, that's it. Pretty welcoming, eh? I'd like to furnish it and stock the bathroom. I won't finish this month, but I can certainly get started.

Let's see how I do this month! I'll be back with more small goals in August.

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  1. I'm with you on goal #1! I've lived in my current city for almost three years now, but the thought of going to a social gathering with acquaintances still trips me up now and then.

    Here are my July goals, if you'd like to check them out: http://newberyandbeyond.com/ten-facts-july-small-goals/