July 29, 2016

Trying Out Blue Apron

A friend of mine was nice enough to share a code for a free trial to Blue Apron with me. I'd previously never tried a meal subscription service and had been curious about Blue Apron. The trial gave us a box with the ingredients for three meals for two people. Blue Apron doesn't allow you to choose your trial meals, but if you keep the service you can choose meals for upcoming deliveries. Meal subscriptions intrigued me because I don't like cooking. I don't enjoy finding recipes, gathering the ingredients, or cooking. I was curious to see if having the recipes and ingredients delivered to my door would make the process easier and make me feel more compelled to cook. I've since cooked all the recipes, but I photographed the roasted pork and summer salsa recipe for this post.

The recipe cards give you specific instructions for cooking each meal, but I had a little trouble with them. For this recipe, you seasoned the pork, seared it in the pan, and put it in the oven to cook. Then, once the rice was on the stove and cooking, you were supposed to chop the vegetables. I guess my chopping skills aren't up to par because I was not able to chop everything and make the summer salsa before the rice was done. It would have been best to chop everything ahead of cooking. I did this for the other recipes and it worked much better for me.

This was the outcome! It was actually really good, too. So, did I keep my subscription?

I elected to cancel my subscription after I'd cooked the three meals. I was impressed with the flavors and enjoyed the meals, but in the end I couldn't justify the cost. Blue Apron is $56 and some change for three meals for two people - that's about $9 per person per meal. You're paying for the convenience of the items being delivered to your door, but that's a service I just don't need. I feel like it might be billed toward people who don't have enough time to go to the grocery store, but in my mind, if you have enough time to cook 30-40 minute meals, you have time to go to the grocery store. And, unless you live in a food desert or a very remote location, you likely have access to all of these ingredients, too.

I was glad for the opportunity to try Blue Apron out. My experiment about seeing if it'd make me feel more compelled to cook wasn't so successful - having everything laid out for me still made me feel meh about cooking. I did feel proud of what I'd made, but cost-wise it just wasn't worth it.

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