August 05, 2016

Empties // 1

I love empties videos on YouTube and wanted to share my own empties. I'll show you what I loved, liked, and loathed out of these items. Most of the beauty products I buy are budget-friendly items. I like high-end products, but over the years I've developed the opinion that many lower cost things work just as well.

  • Ulta Skincare Renew Barrier Boosting Day Cream with SPF 30: I have a hard time with moisturizers. My skin is very combo and most moisturizers leave me feeling greasy. This one was perfect and it had the SPF that a super pale person like myself needs. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued by Ulta. Major sad face. :(
  • Dry Idea Advanced Dry Invisible Solid Deodorant & Antiperspirant: I always keep an unscented deodorant around, especially in the summer. As a plus-size lady, I deal with the dreaded chub rub and I've found the using a bit of deodorant on my thighs really helps me out. I liked this brand a lot and it worked really well. Sorry if that was TMI, but hey, #reallife, right?
  • Maybelline Great Lash Big in Very Black: This is my holy grail mascara - I recommend it to everyone. I keep a new tube on hand at all times.
  • Bath & Body Wash Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea Body Wash: This is one of my favorite B&BW scents. I wish they'd make it a signature scent and have it available year-round. Whenever I see it available I snatch it up.
  • Udderly Smooth Daily Moisturizer Hand Cream: Earlier this summer I was having an awful time with my feet being so dry they'd crack and be incredibly painful. My mom recommended this hand cream and I used it repeatedly multiple times a day. It worked - no more dry heels. 

  • Up & Up Shea Butter & Oatmeal Body Wash: I usually keep a generic body wash in the shower for S since my Bath & Body Works gels are a little too flowery for him. This one had a nice scent and was hydrating in these hot summer months.
  • Ulta Base Coat Nail Lacquer: I wasn't sure which category to put this product into. It worked wonderfully for months and kept my polish looking nicer for longer. Then the remaining base coat started to get gooey in the bottle and became impossible to use. I'm not sure what happened, but I'll likely not buy it again.
  • White Rain Extra Hold Hair Spray: This is a super cheap hair spray I bought in an "I need hair spray now" situation (because there are so many of those, right? lol). It was alright and did its job.

  • Up & Up Four Blade Sensitive Skin Razors: These razors sucked. They never got close to my skin and I always felt stubble just after I shaved.
  • Rimmel Super Curler Volume & Curl Mascara: I should have taken a photo of the brush - it looks mangled. This mascara was super clumpy and thick. I was really disappointed, especially since I normally love Rimmel products. 

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