August 25, 2016

Smile Lines

Last week I noticed my first real wrinkle. Well, wrinkles...with an 's' on the end. As in two.

I'd seen them before. But this time I saw them.

There they were. One on each side of my face. Lines that creased and stayed that way. Sighing, I pulled the skin taut with my fingers to make the line disappear.

It wasn't like I hadn't been expecting this. I turned 30 in June and I've already got plenty of white hairs. Wrinkles seemed like the natural thing to show up next.

My eyes are very almond shaped and the wrinkles are on the outside corners. They extend from the corner of my eye toward my hairline. I contorted my face in all manner of ways - how does one get wrinkles in this spot, I wondered.

None of the faces I was making where forming the deep lines I'd just noticed. I frowned at myself in the mirror until a little voice in my head said, "oh."

One of my reasons for smiling: my super awesome parents. :)

And then I smiled. It was my usual smile: big, with lots of teeth. Teeth that used to be a bit crookeder than they are, before the help of braces in middle school. (Thanks mom and dad!) It's a smile that I've personally always liked.

There they were - the wrinkles appeared. They were deep and had little crows feet in the corner. But they were made from smiling. I guess I've smile a lot over the years if it's given me wrinkles.

I thought about this, starring at my reflection in the mirror. Then, I smiled again. Because, in my opinion, smile wrinkles are wrinkles worth having.

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