September 02, 2016

Daily Gratitude // August

One of my monthly bullet journal pages is a space for writing something I'm thankful for each day. It's become a source of comfort for me. When I'm having a bad day I can look back at my monthly gratitude page and smile at all the things I have to be thankful for. Some are big, some are small, some are people, and some are things, but they all meant something to me on these days. (Also, apparently I was thankful for foods a lot this month!)

1. It's finally the last month of summer
2. Meeting new people
3. A new hobby (bullet journaling)
4. Precooked dinner
5. Ella being back to normal (she was acting odd for a few days)
6. Finding a cool comic book store
7. Emergency cookies (haha - this refers to my stash I keep hidden for "emergencies")
8. Libraries with great YA sections
9. A boyfriend who always take care of me
10. Finally not having a headache (I had a 5-day migraine this month)
11. Peace and quiet at work (lots of people were out and I enjoyed the solitude)
12. BBQ for dinner
13. Criminal Minds
14. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream
15. "Stuff yo face" dinner (aka Taco Bell)
16. An indoor washer and dryer (my last place had the units outside)
17. Having two jobs to apply for
18. Feeling confident at work
19. Coming home to a happy pup
20. Facetime
21. A comfy bed for afternoon naps
22. A new plan for overcoming depression
23. Seeing a beautiful sunrise over the river
24. Texting with my best friend
25. Migraine medicine
26. Working from home
27. Air conditioning (and people who can fix it)
28. Finding great OPI shades at Marshalls
29. Books
30. The prospect of a little side hustle I've been researching
31. Coffee (and my job's little convenience store that has bottles of Starbucks drinks)

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