Life List

I have kept a private list of things I've always wanted to do in various places - scraps of paper, notes of my phone, emails to myself, etc. I was doing a poor job at ticking these things off though...probably because they were so scattered and not a true, prominent list. As I approached 30, I realized there was so much I wanted to see and do, so I decided to compile and publish my life list. It's a collection of things I'd like to do and, at the bottom, is a list of specific places I'd like to visit. I've already done a few of the things on my various scrap lists, but instead of not including them here, I decided to strike them out as a way to remember that I wanted to do them and did.

Stay in a yurt
Travel by train
Go on a safari
Go on another cruise
Stay in a fancy hotel
Go whale watching
See a waterfall
Road trip in America
Explore a cave
Go horseback riding
Visit a castle
Stay at an all-inclusive resort
Have a white Christmas
Go on vacation by myself
Visit all 50 states
Go on a giant ship (not a cruise ship)
Ride on a cable car
Climb a lighthouse
Attend a music festival
See a Broadway show
Drive through a tree
Visit Powell’s Books
Visit Strand Books
Celebrate NYE somewhere fun

Antelope Canyon
Niagara Falls
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Canyon
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco, California
Big Sur, California
Key West, Florida
New York City, New York
Monument Valley
Drive Blue Ridge Parkway
Chicago, Illinois
Redwood National Park
Asheville, North Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Big Island, Hawaii
Pacific Northwest
Drive Pacific Coast Highway
Drive Route 66
Rocky Mountains
Guggenheim Museum
Boston, Massachusetts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Berlin, Germany
Nova Scotia
Athens/Santorini, Greece
Rome/Pompeii, Italy
London, England
Cairo/Abu Simbel/Luxor, Egypt
Bangkok, Thailand
Sydney, Australia
Reykjavik, Iceland
Machu Picchu
Kyoto, Japan
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The Louvre (France)
Scandinavia (See fjords, waterfalls, cliffs)
Istanbul, Turkey (Hagia Sophia)
St. Petersburg, Russia
South Pacific Island (Bora Bora, Fiji)
Virgin Islands (Antigua, St. Croix, St. Lucia)
New Zealand  

Be an aunt
Get re-married
Be a bridesmaid
Take a family portrait
Take a trip with my mom

Work at a museum
Work in the publishing industry
Earn more than $60,000 annually
Pay off my student loans (UAS, Fedloan, Sallie Mae)
Have no credit card debt
Save three months worth of bills

Leave a 100% tip for a server
Donate blood (and find out my blood type)
Do a random act of kindness
Volunteer for a good cause
Make a monetary donation to a charity

Pick up a craft hobby
Blog consistently
Give a speech in public
Be a contributing writer
Publish a book
Get a tattoo
Host a dinner party
Join a book club
Learn sign language
Take a photobooth picture strip

Have a vanity for makeup and jewelry
Fully decorate my home
Own a pair of diamond earrings
Have a spa day
Get my makeup professionally done
Get a massage
Make something on a pottery wheel
Have a wardrobe I love
Own a designer handbag

Loose 100lbs
Try archery
Participate in a 5k
Take a self defense course
Try kickboxing